Women and Children with Albinism in Uganda (WACWAU) is a registered NGO aiming to serve the needs of the most vulnerable in their community. NGO registration number is WCBO/19/2755 in Wakiso District.

Across Africa, people with Albinism experience human rights violations and abuses.Their economic, political, social and cultural rights are often compromised in devastating ways. Societal ignorance about Albinism has contributed to exclusion, stigmatization and the denial of basic rights such as education and health. A broad misunderstanding has also endangered their lives. In everyday life, persons with Albinism, particularly women and children, are frequently treated less than human and are not considered capable of achieving anything.

Approximately 30 women have come together under the organisation’s newly formed economic empowerment program, to form a social enterprise soap making initiative and also launch a professional range of natural soap. Through sustainable job creation and economic empowerment, we believe that the image of those affected by Albinism can be changed and see them achieve a level of respect and acceptance they deserve in Ugandan society.

Fondazione Cariello Corbino has linked with WACWAU to be the organisation’s European charity partner with a view to helping them get to the next level through fundraising and we welcome your support of them through your donations.

Please click the registered Italian foundation number below to access the Fondazione Cariello Corbino website.

. Fondazione Cariello Corbino is a registered Italian foundation – C.F. 90093170638

See below some examples of where your crucial donations will go towards supporting the project, at this stage fundraising is a critical element of the project to provide the women with the seed capital to launch their business and begin their journey to becoming self sustainable. Once they are established and set up the sales of their soap and other products plus the sharing of their messages will become the core priorities.

. £10 will buy a wooden soap mpuld to support increased production.

. £20 will support a woman affected by Albinism to attend a vocational or business training (including transport and food).

. £30 will contribute to the purchasing of raw materials and soap making safety equipment.

. £40 will provide outreach to a new mother of a child with Albinism.

. £50 will contribute to the ongoing cost of a business mentor to grow the business.


Your crucial donations will collected by the Fondazione Cariello Corbino as the European charity partner and fundraising support arm for the project. Not only will 100% of all donations made for WACWAU via the Fondazione be sent direct to the project but your donations will also be combined with the skills and expertise of the Fondazione’s team of volunteers across Europe to increase the value of your support even further driving these women to self sustainability and spreading their message as soon as possible. Remember please donate here, please buy soap on the WACWAU Facebook page  (https://www.facebook.com/WACWAUSOAP/) and please spread their message on your social media.



Thankyou for your support.


Please check back for future updates on our work via this website and also on our Facebook and Instagram profile.


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